What is UGR?
published date: 2020/1/4

What is UGR?

Unified Glare Rating(UGR) is a meaurement of calculating glare from luminaires, indicative rating for glare based on prescribed set of cirumstances in a lit environment. And it helps to determine how likely a luminaire is to cause disconfort to those around it.

How to calculate the UGR?

UGR data of led light






L= The luminance value of the luminaire
Lb= The value of the background luminance
= The solid angle of the luminaire that is seen by the viewer
p= The Guth Index. Based on the likelihood of glare, also known as Visual Comfort Probability
= Shows that the equation (shown above) includes all the fittings located within the area.
What determines UGR?
There are a number of factors that determine UGR value including shape and size of space, surface brightness of the walls, ceiling, floor and large areas. It is important to choose the correct luminaire for your environment to avoid discomfort.

The UGR-L values for a range of spaces are set out in standard NEN-EN 12464-1. UGR-L stands for Unified Glare Rating Limit, the limit for the degree of glare.
• Technical drawing UGR <16
• Offices UGR <19
• Reception areas UGR <22
• Archives, stairs and lifts UGR <25
• Corridors and passageways UGR <28

DECOSUN have various series of luminaires with low UGR, below 6-22, such as downlight, tracklight, panel light, linear light.
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